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Industrial Products

Raw Material/Production
  • Supplier assessment and qualification audit
  • Sampling and testing of raw materials
  • tests supervision during production in accordance with ITP and QCP by resident inspector
  • Safety Monitoring during production
  • designs, drawings and documentation examination
  • NDT non-destructive inspection and testing
  • Inspection and control of surface preparation, coating and color documents
  • Welding inspection and welding method document control, welders skill certificate
  • Production progress report
Functionality & Pre Shipment
  • Performa Price and authenticity verification
  • hydrostatic, performance, durability and FAT factory tests supervision
  • Sampling and testing at laboratory
  • Pre-shipment quality, quantity, packaging and labeling inspection
  • Loading supervision and sealing container
  • Loading supervision and seal of container
  • Final quality control booklet assessment
  • Bank Certificate(IC) for LC or bank transfer
  • Certificate of conformity according to Standard at origin
At Destination
  • Sampling for product identification at customs port
  • shipment quality, quantity, packaging and labeling inspection at destination
  • Unloading supervision
  • Sampling and testing at approved laboratory
  • Destination inspection and certificate issuance for EPL
  • Certificate of conformity according to Standard at destination
  • Quality and quantity control and conforming warehouse inputs with documents
Installation & Setting Up
  • Supervision and inspection during installation and after installation of machinery and equipment
  • Oil ,gas and petrochemical equipment and structures construction and operation supervision
  • Site acceptance Test(SAT)
  • Refineries’ and factories during maintenance inspection and supervision(Over hall)


The industrial department provides professional and valuable services in the field of inspection, assessment, supervision for different industries, with a national and independent identity. These services can be presented according to the client’s requirement in factory, distribution center, loading and discharging sites in and out of the country.

The main commodities for inspection:

  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals equipment
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Telecommunications and mechanical equipment
  • Steel, metal products and raw material
  • Industrial Machinery

Type of Clients

  • Iran National Standard Organization
  • Banks
  • Different industries and factories
  • Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
  • Importers, Exporters, Businessmen
  • Custom clearance agents and freight companies

Our service advantages

  • Over 2 decades of continuous activity in the field of inspection and supervision over various projects
  • Known as an Independent Inspection Company, approved by National Standard Organization of Iran and Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and Customs
  • Geographical coverage of branches, agencies and inspectors in different cities inside and outside the country
  • Speed, accuracy and quality of service
  • Ability to design the required services according to customer requirements
  • Holding various licenses and sufficient experience to perform inspection for different products
  • Experienced inspection network
  • Long history of service providing in Automotive industry
  • Several national oil and gas projects and evaluation of power ministary suppliers