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Mineral Products

Mine/Production Inspection
  • Supplier audit and qualification assessment
  • Sampling during mining
  • Physical and chemical tests at laboratory
  • During production tests supervision by resident inspector
  • During production safety inspection
  • Loading from mine supervisions
Pre Shipment
  • Performa Price and authenticity verification
  • Sampling and composite sample preparation
  • Physical and chemical tests at laboratory
  • Quantity control and draft survey
  • Material depot inspection
  • Loading supervision before export/import
  • Bank Certificate(IC) for LC or bank transfer
  • Certificate of conformity according to Standard at origin
At Destination
  • Sampling for product identification at customs port
  • shipment quality, quantity, packaging and labeling inspection at destination
  • Unloading supervision
  • Sampling and testing at approved laboratory
  • Destination inspection and certificate issuance for EPL
  • Certificate of conformity according to Standard at destination
Special Services
  • Providing services tailored to customer needs and existing risks at the time of extraction, shipping and loading to consumption


Considering the fluctuated nature of the market these days, All the participants including, manufactures and traders of minerals are after minimizing their business risk through having strong assurances regarding the quality of manufactured or traded products.
This company provides inspection services for minerals from mining all the way through production, storage, shipment, loading and discharge so you can be confident that quality and quantity terms of your contract are met.
In order to secure your interest and provide you with a peace of mind, Our independent and impartial inspection team will report the conformity or any probable non conformity by preparing impeccable and transparent documents and photographic reports.

The main commodities for inspection:

  • Cement and clinker
  • Gypsum
  • Copper and Zinc Concentrate
  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Barite
  • Construction Stones

Type of Clients

  • Iran National Standard Organization
  • Banks
  • Mine owners and related factories
  • Customs and Public Warehouses
  • Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture
  • Importers, Exporters, Businessmen
  • Custom clearance agents and freight companies

Our service advantages

  • Independent Inspection Company  approved by National Standard Organization of Iran and Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran and Customs
  • Geographical coverage of branches, agencies and inspectors in different cities inside and outside the country
  • Speed, accuracy and quality of service
  • Ability to design the required services according to customer requirements
  • Efficient present at exporting ports of Iran