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FIS, beyond knowledge...

Faradanesh At A Glance

As your trusted partner, Faradanesh Inspection Services aims to provide you with innovative inspection services, beyond what is ordinarily offered, in order to lower the risk and increase productivity of your business activities and also help to create a sustainable development process to assist you with the upcoming challenges.

Company Activity Relies On

ISO 17020
Clients Trust
Confidetiality, Independence, Impartiality
Iran National Sandard Organization & Central Bank Approval
ISO 9001:2015

Target Market

Consumer and Retail Goods
Food and Agriculture
Oil, Gas and petrochemical
Cosmetic, Sanitary and Chemical Products
Metals and Minerals
Automotive and Transportation
Government Services
Health and Medical Appliances
Civil and Engineering Services
Tourism, Pleasure and Sport Centers Sport Centers
Knowledge-Based Companies
Industrial Goods and Equipment
Branches and Agencies Worldwide
Years of Inspection Experience
Files Handled in the Past Year
FIS beyond knowledge...